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Aguleri Foundation of North America (AFNA) is a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit entity organized by the indigenes of Aguleri resident in North America for the furtherance of the welfare and progress of Aguleri. Membership is open to any persons (including their spouses and descendants) who are indigenes of the town of Aguleri in Anambra North Local Government Area of Anambra State of Nigeria. Honorary membership can be conferred on any person by simple majority vote of members at an annual general meeting if members recognize such a person as sharing the aims and aspirations of the organization.

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The vision of AFNA is that of Aguleri as a society in sustainable rapid development with continually improving quality of life of its people, but without loss of its cultural heritage and traditional values.


The mission of AFNA is to provide, foster, support and promote conditions that will encourage and help the development of Aguleri society primarily through educational, health-care and cultural activities.


AFNA was founded in 1999 at a convention held in the city of Dallas in the state of Texas. The organization was formally registered with the Internal Revenue Services (IRS) as a not-for-profit entity in 2005. Since inception the foundation has focused on accomplishing that part of its mission that recognizes education as the primary catalyst for promoting sustainable development. The three tiers of government in Nigeria that are charged with educating future generations, have done less than a stellar job in this regard for Aguleri and indeed most rural communities in Nigeria. Secondary schools have witnessed a steady decline in enrollment and facilities have fallen into disrepair. Teacher availability has been poor in the face of inadequate remuneration, motivation and recognition.

At its 2003 annual convention, AFNA began to raise money from its members, outside donors and philanthropists to improve the conditions in the premier secondary school in Aguleri, Father Joseph Memorial High School. (FJMHS). Since then AFNA has organized fund raising activities at each annual convention and the improvements that have been achieved using the funds realized have been truly remarkable.

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